Glen Echo Park Partnership Board & Staff





Jennifer A. English, President

Diana Parker, Vice President

Eric Nelson, Treasurer

Rachelle Cherol, Secretary





Deborah M. Beers

Michael L. Burack

Adrienne Dominguez

Philip Fabrizio

Carol Sue Fromboluti

Edward S. Geier

Roy Green

Andrea Hedberg

Julie McLean

Ross McNair

Jane Pettit

Heidi Schadler

Sunil Thadani

Genevieve Twomey

Mike Zangwill

Ex-Officio Members


Hon. Roger Berliner
Kenneth B. J. Hartman


View and download the Partnership's Articles and Bylaws.




Katey Boerner, Executive Director

Emily Mah Rogers, Site Operations Manager

Debbie Mueller, Director of Development

Meredith Forster, Education Program Manager

Donna Barker, Dance and Special Events Manager

Cheryl Fuller, Business Manager

Janice Fischer, Registrar

Jenni Cloud, Marketing and Communications Associate

Jackson Fraizer, Rentals Associate

Ben Wokas, Development and Executive Assistant

Reuven Eitan, Assistant Dance & Special Events Manager

Jaimianne Amicucci, Marketing Assistant

Jim Manley, Facilities Management Consultant


Assistant Registrars:
      Kim Cuthbert, Sharis Simonian, Margo Young-Turner

Facilities Staff:
      William Lee, Bert Kenyon

Hall Managers:
      Reuven Eitan, Bert Kenyon, Peter Ratpojanakul, Kima Meidav, Emma Stevenson

Gallery Manager:

      Grayson Heck

Gallery Assistants:
       Hannah Carter, Allison Mah, Kima Meidav

Carousel Staff:
      Bert Kenyon (Carousel Operator), Lisa Fahlstrom